Save Borneo's Forest

 A run 1500 km through Borneo to raise funds and conservation awareness.  

Next Event

Arrival of the TBR at SIBU on September 4th, 2018 at aprox. 12pm!

We run virtually every day so please check the Events Page and like us on Facebook to see where we will be starting the next leg of the Trans Borneo Run.  We start to run around 6am as it is the coolest part of the day. Drop us a message on facebook if you would like to join us - we wouldn't want to start without you.


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A absolutely great read of the run and project by Ash from, click here

Another good write up in the Borneo Bulletin ... if you didn't get chance to read the article yesterday click here 

The Trans Borneo Run:

 One Man's Mission... 

...running over 1500 km through the Island of Borneo (Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia) to continue to raise public awareness of the devastating chain of events that are associated with the loss of a habitat. Here in Borneo, the last of the forests where orangutans, elephants, hornbills, clouded leopards, and so many more species live, is on the brink of extinction!

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Environmental Facts & Mission

The forests of world’s third largest island have been rapidly and relentlessly logged, burned, and bulldozed in recent decades, leaving only a small proportion of its once magnificent forests intact. 

We want to help preserve the unique and amazing Borneo habitat for future generations.