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Our Projects and Partners:

The Trans Borneo Run is already fully funded by our generous sponsor, ultramarathon runner, event organizer and race director, Richard Donovan. Therefore ALL of the donations received will be distributed to our partners.

All of our partners, are all fully recognized and registered charitable organizations. Please let us know if you want to support a specific projects, otherwise we will collect all donations in our "Trans Borneo Run Conservation Fund and distribute after the run has finished. You can also donate to the organizations directly -, please mention "Trans Borneo Run" in your transfer order as we would like to know what donations were inspired by the Trans Borneo Run.


1. Rhino and Forest Fund.org - Land purchase and Reforestation Project in Sabah, Borneo

2. Light up Borneo - Plastic Recycling Machine run by 100% clean hydro energy, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah 

3. PEKA Malaysia - Temiar aboriginal people - Logging Blockade & Legal fund in Gua Musang, Malaysia


4. Rettet die Naturvoelker e.V. - Jahut aboriginal people - mapping and customary landrights court case

5. Sintang Orangutan Center - Orang Utan rehabilitation and care in Sintang, West Kalimantan

The easiest way to send us money is via PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/earthucation

You can also use our partners Bank accounts!

For donations from Germany and Europe

Rettet die Naturvoelker e.V.

Postbank Hamburg

IBAN DE80 2001 0020 0006 1962 05

Please state "Trans Borneo Run" ! Bitte verwenden Sie "Trans Borneo Run" als Verwendungszweck

For donations from Malayisa:

Lightup Borneo 

PLT, public bank: 3182753709 

Please state "Trans Borneo Run" in your donation!

We thank all supporters and donors very much! The environment thanks you, too!