Why run...?

Andi set himself the mammoth task of running over 1500 km through Borneo. A run enables him to interact with locals and to discuss the issues at grass routes level.  

The Trans Borneo Run will not be an easy journey.  Andi will need to contend with high temperatures, humidity often close to 100%, many mountains and mosquitos. Andi will be prepared for the blood, sweat and (probably) tears to get to our final destination, Pontianak! 

Andi is not a professional runner and until June 2018 has never ran over 20km in one go! Andi has a dream a vision and a great deal of determination.

We think that we all have a special responsibility for everything within and around us.

"This run is the single biggest action I feel that I can take to reach out to 

as many people possible to start creating change!"  (Andi Bu)

"Be the change you want to see in the world" (Mahatma Ghandi)

Andi has dedicated this run to his two boys, lovely wife, who continues to give him constant support and his mentor and motivator Tony Mangan, who is currently on his own mission to walk around the world.

“If I can spend two months of my life, invest a bit of sweat and hardship, and with my running, highlight awareness to protect and preserve the forest habitat  in Borneo, then this run is absolutely worth doing.”  (Andi Bu)

The Runner

Andi (28) is a traveller, adventurer, environmental educator,  ecological advocate,  engineer and now… long distance runner.

After traveling around the world full-time since 2016 with his family, he was shocked at the environmental destruction and ecological challenges facing so many of the countries he visited.  Andi has been to places like Kazakhstan and Mongolia, where wildlife is scarce, weather is dry and landscapes are barren.  Borneo sits at the opposite end of the spectrum with its natural beauty and biological diversity.

Whilst travelling in South East Asia, and in particular Borneo, the transformation of much of their Rain Forests to industrial agriculture by logging and investment in palm oil plantations has been the catalyst for this latest adventure - the Trans Borneo Run.

"We only appreciate what we have, once it's gone - don't let it be too late for Borneo" (Andi Bu)